Hello,I’m Japanese. This blog is introduce Japanese digital advertising circumstance.I start this blog to master English.So my English skill is still immature.Could you please fix  the mistake in comment space ?

I’ve changed my job to foreign affiliated company.This is a growth record of an ad man working in different environments. I will introduce what I learned in my work.

Started using Google Analytics in 2007

After graduating from college,I started my job of digital marketing at a company developing log analysis tools.Since I had no experience of making websites, it was difficult to understand the words unique to the digital industry.I could not understand why the website appears on my browser.I chose the job of access analysis. It was a reckless challenge.As of 2007, Google Analytics had only the ability to check the basic metrics of web pages.

The birth of Real Time Bidding(RTB)

I retired from my first company and I have been doing a lot of work for a while.Next, when I was involved in digital marketing work, RTB bidding was possible.Advertisement inventory market was created and media and advertisers were able to trade good ad inventory.It was the beginning of the era of “From Inventory targeting to audience targeting”

The advertisement delivery technology in Japan has evolved along with foreign advertisement distribution tools.We continued delivering messages to the target audience using multiple ad delivery tools.At that time, I started thinking that repeating optimization of advertisement is not the correct answer. I started thinking that it is important to have the skills to make messages and communicate with people.

Experience expanded at digital agency.

Since I was interested in creating messages rather than optimizing ad serving, I changed to a company that supports the digital marketing strategy of major BtoC companies.I gained experience of advertising promotion, new business planning, support for utilization of DMP, etc. for companies representing Japan.

I felt that digital marketers are beginning to be asked for an understanding of technology. To that end, I started thinking about a new challenge.

I gained experience with a company that provides marketing automation tools

I moved to a startup company developing marketing automation (MA) tool.When I joined the company, it was a small business consisting of 10 employees.I joined the position to promote products using online advertisement.I got lead using Facebook advertisement.As the number of conversations with engineers increased, I became more interested in technology.I began to think about what I needed to actually do.At that time, I started using PRESTO.When you write a query like SQL, the aggregated data is output.I never learned any programming language before. However, I knew the joy of being able to output the necessary data.

As a result, a new challenge will begin, but I will write on this next.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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