FB ads can create multiple types of targeting lists.I will introduce the type of audience list that can be created with FB advertisement.I will divide it into multiple articles and explain it.

Three types of audience lists that can be created with FB ads

  • Custom Audience
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Saved Audience

Custom Audience

The custom audience is divided into four groups: customer information held by companies, users visiting websites, application activities, and Facebook page Engagement.

  • Customer File
  • Website Traffic
  • App Activity
  • Engagement on Facebook

An audience list will be created if customer information held by your company matches Facebook registration information.In the case of BtoB, it is effective to create a list using mail addresses.

You can upload all your own e-mail addresses to the customer file at the same time, but it would be better to group the e-mail addresses into customer groups and create a list.

For example

  • Person who contracted the product
  • Person who negotiated
  • Person who applied for trial of service
  • Person who downloaded description material of the product
  • Person who downloaded the white paper

By grouping e-mail addresses according to customer’s circumstances and creating a list, it becomes available as correct teacher data when creating lookalike audience to introduce later.On experiences, 20% to 30% of uploaded e-mail addresses match.


If the size of the audience is less than 100, you can not create lookalike audiences.When grouping e-mail addresses to create a list, please do not narrow down the condition much.

For information on how to use customer files, please refer to the following Facebook page.

How do I create a Custom Audience from my customer file?